Thanks to the great success of the Beer4You project, which is dedicated to the Italian Beer Firm, to celebrate our twentieth year of activity in the field of craft beer, we decided to enhance the Italian gastronomic heritage by giving life to a new project that brings together the best typical products of the Italian’s regions, and the craft beer. This project is named: Beer4Italy

The idea: to select twenty quality distributors, one for each Italian region, to design together a craft beer, characterized by a raw material typical of the region in question. An opportunity to promote local gastronomic excellence by combining our ability to produce quality craft beers, with the knowledge of the territory of individual distributors. Beer4Italy is also our answer, craft and independent, to the attempts of industrial brands to promote their products, approved and standardized, as high quality products related to local territories. The benefits of Beer4Italy: – To have the possibility to include among the offered products, a unique and personalized craft beer, strongly linked to the territory of belonging. – To create a synergy with local producers of regional excellence. – To promote regional specialties by participating in a project developed nationwide.