Beer4You is a collaborative project designed by Birra Gladiatore and dedicated to everyone who want to commission professionals the production of unique and original craft beers of excellent quality, which can satisfy all their tastes and needs. Not the usual rental of a craft brewing plant, but a real collaborative project that goes from choosing the most appropriate raw materials to the delivery of a finished product of excellent quality! Beer4You therefore addresses: – Breweries which need to increase their production capacity. – Publican, beer shops and restaurateurs who want to have their own label to serve in their restaurant. – Homebrewers who want to turn their passion into their future work. – Associations of any kind who want to distribute their craft beer to members. – Organizers of local festivals and events that want to sell a unique and original product. – Individuals who want to make their own craft beer to drink it with friends during an anniversary.

What does Beer4You offer?

With Beer4You the customer can actively participate in the entire production process, from the choice of raw materials to be used up to the bottling of the finished product. In fact, we are confident that only through a close collaboration and constant comparison, it can be created a product which exactly matches the client’s requests. Here is a summary list of the services offered by the Beer4You project: – Marketing consultancy and marketing strategy. – Development and processing of personalized recipes. – Production on 10 HL VELO system. – Packaging in bottles, barrels and kegs. – Microbiological analysis (on request). – Storage of raw materials and finished product at controlled temperature. – Logistics and transport.