Since 1998 we produce quality craft beer, for us and for our customers, using the professional production plant Velo 10 Hl. We are the only ones to produce in a spherical plant covered outside in copper, a kind of metal used in ancient Rome to make ornaments. The sense of belonging to our Latin origins leads us to think that beauty also contributes to the quality of our product.

Our cooking room is composed of three 10 Hl spherical boilers: topping / boiling vats, filter vats and whirpool vats. The first vat iis heated through the steam generated by a gas boiler, while the cooling of the must is ensured by a two-stage exchanger, the first with cold water, the second with a cooling mixture.

Regarding the fermentation / maturation, we have three cylindrical 2450-liter tanks, a 1450-liter cylindrical tank, four 1250-liter cylindrical tanks and a 2450-liter cylindrical tank. All tanks are made of stainless steel and their temperature is controlled through a thermostat which regulates the flow of a coolant according to the needs.

Summarizing schematically, our plant for the production of craft beer is composed as follows:

  • 3 spherical 10 Hl boilers (topping / boiling vat, filter vat and whirpool vat) in stainless steel, with external copper coating.
  • Gas boiler.
  • Two-stage heat exchanger.
  • 3 cylindrical tanks in stainless steel with a controlled temperature of 2450 liters.
  • 1 cylindrical stainless steel tank with a controlled temperature of 1450 liters.
  • 4 cylindrical stainless steel tanks with a controlled temperature of 1250 liters.
  • 1 cylindrical stainless steel tank with a controlled temperature of 2450 liters.
  • Water treatment unit.
  • Cooling unit.
  • Semi-automatic alfatek bottling machine