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Birra Gladiatore was born in 1998, recovering an old steel factory and dedicating it to the production of quality craft beer, accompanying everything with music, good cooking and live shows; a brewpub with plant in view, where the craft beer produced passes directly from the fermenters to the tanks connected to the thorns of the room, maintaining the cold chain.

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The early days were anything but easy: our plant for the production of craft beer was just the 19th installed in Italy and, also because of the poor internet, it was not easy to promote our business or to get in touch with the few brewery factories existing on the national territory. In addition, our customers often preferred to drink a “cold and carbonated beer” rather than a genuine product made with artisanal methods, with the right carbonation and served at the most appropriate temperature.

Slowly, however, consumers have begun to appreciate more and more craft beer, allowing the rapid growth of the brewery world, which in a few years has become considerably greater than in 1998. Therefore, we had the opportunity to meet many experts in the field and it is also thanks to them that we have grown and improved year after year.

Backed by our customers and by the diffusion of craft beer in the Italian panorama, in 2008 we decided to distribute our products even outside our brewpub and, subsequently, we decided to open our brewery to production on behalf of third. This is how Beer4You was born, the project dedicated to the beer firm, which over the years has made the production of our main activity for third parties.

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